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We are a Kenyan based dynamic as well as a solid team of well-established security specialists. DFSSS was founded by experts with a wealth of experience from the GSU, CID and the Administration Police. This combination of skills is an essential security reinforcement in a world faced with an unprecedent level of threats from s bewildering number of sources.

Our services go beyond providing security guards to performance of security audits thereby making it a priority to provide a secure and tranquil environment for our clients while observing world class level of professionalism, customer care and competence. Our security models are customer focused versatile and have been designed with individual client’s requirements in mind.

Security being our business, and our client’s comfort and peace of mind being our top priority, our tech savvy team are ever enthusiastic about devising new age hi-tech methods to deter, detect and record any potential criminal activity. We promise value to our clients and abide by our customer charter founded on the following pillars.