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cctv remote monitoring security guards company nairobi Kenya

CCTV Remote Monitoring Company Kenya

At Detector Force Security & Surveillance Services Ltd, we believe that remote monitoring is the heart of an effective and cost-efficient security system. Without this service, security systems become passive and ineffective. Many companies simply use CCTV cameras for recording incidents as and when they happen.

By utilising our Security remote monitoring services, a CCTV system can quickly become a powerful and pro-active element in your security.

Because we create bespoke solutions for clients we’re also able to tailor unique alarm responses to each individual site in order to meet your exact requirements. Our main focus is the monitoring of detection activated systems including CCTV, fire alarms and intruder alarms.

Our operators are trained to distinguish between serious incidents and something which is of little significance it means that the police are called in only if it is necessary, which eliminates the problems which can be caused by the false alarms of other security and warning systems.